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Formed by Pete Bell and personal friends to make a difference. Having spent over 20 years in the football industry Pete made a decision to share his personal life story.

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StepOutStayOut is a footballing project created by ex-offender Pete Bell, designed to give those within HMP a chance to develop coaching and mentoring skills, and create a motivational environment, to help avoid the vicious circle of release and re-imprisonment. Pete has built relationships with several HMP's within the East Midlands and continues to further his reach, demonstrating years of experience and wealth of knowledge, receiving numerous plaudits along the way.

Giving hope and a vision to the next generation…Stepping Out and Staying Out of crime, be that at an early age in gangs; bullying and involvement in petty crime to helping those already within HMP and believing that all is lost. Using my lived life story of the path from crime and despair to highly regarded FA Coach & Mentor, StepoutStayout will engage with Schools and Prisons, to tell a story and develop initiatives for change.

Please take your time to explore the website, detailing this exciting project. If you have any questions or want to contact Pete, please use the contact details provided.

About Pete

A self-motivated, enthusiastic and methodical soccer coach.

Having been in the CJS in the 1990s I know all too well how prison and crime can affect your life. The stigma, causes unemployment and can have devastating effects on families. I now use my experience gained outside the system to offer hope to others caught up in what can be a vicious circle.

Experience of communicating with the public - Enthusiastic and committed - Reliable and honest

Step Out Stay Out

Step Out Testimonials

An insight in to the work we do from a client perspective

Nathan Marshall

Nathan Marshall Watford FC Education Manager

Spent a really good morning with Pete Bell up at Stocken Prison. Pete shared the positive work he is doing with the inmates. Using football as a tool to battle re-offending and to provide education. Pete and the staff at Stocken are upskilling people to ensure they are able to fully grasp meaningful employment opportunities! Looking forward to the possibility of working together in the near future....

Paul Yates

Paul Yates Governor of HMP Lincoln

Pete, I am really grateful to you for your time and passion for supporting young people here at Lincoln. Joking aside I would imagine it must have been a little daunting coming back albeit as a valued contributor to help others. Your credibility to other prisoners as someone who has been there is very valuable. Prisoners will listen to you as someone who knows what it is really like. And you are a normal working class person who has done good but not lost your roots. You should be proud of yourself Pete. I am grateful for your time, experience as someone who will help change isuspect more than one or two of our prisoners.

Lilian Green

Lillian Greenwood MP for Nottingham South

“Research from the Prisoners Education Trust found ‘whilst sport alone will not necessarily prevent reoffending, it offers an effective and powerful way in which to embed numeracy and literacy, promote higher level learning and motivate prisoners who may be difficult to engage in other resettlement, educational or psychological interventions’ Pete uses his own life story, of turning things around after a spell in prison, to inspire others. After many years experience of football coaching he is determined to put something back and his Step Out Stay Out project is already making a huge difference to prisoners and those at risk.

Jay Roper

Jay Roper FA Education Lead

The visit to Stocken was incredibly insightful and rewarding from both a professional perspective, but also personally. It was evident that the vast majority of the learners on the course, regardless of their story, current social position or past experiences, were engaged in the process of learning and development. Interestingly, many were multiple years from release, but still saw the course as a massive opportunity to improve their future upon the point of release. Aside from the bars on the windows and the inmate apparel worn by some learners, to the untrained eye the course could look to have been being delivered in any school or college classroom. The perception of what prison looks like, away from the cells and cell blocks, was very different to the reality.

Course Details

Developing leadership within the game and beyond

  • Block 1 - Introduction to the course
  • Block 2 - Assisting football activity sessions
  • Block 3 - An introduction to refereeing
  • Block 3 - Helping with a team
  • Block 7 Different Football Events

The FA Junior Football Leaders Award, awarded by FA Education, provides a basic introduction to the leadership skills required when involved in football. The course introduces four areas: assisting football activity sessions, an introduction to refereeing, helping with a team and different football events. In addition to these areas, Respect, promoting and developing the game are embedded.


The aim of the course is to provide learners with a basic understanding of leadership skills that may be used within the game and beyond.

Pete's Qualifications

  • Football Association Coaching Licence U.E.F.A ‘B’ 09/96
  • Football Association Preliminary Coaching Award 02/96
  • Football Association Generic Tutor Training Course 02/04
  • NSCAA National Diploma USA 06/00
  • NSCAA Advanced National Diploma USA 06/01
  • NSCAA Premier Diploma USA 01/02
  • N.V.Q Level 1 Sport and Recreation 08/96
  • N.V.Q Level 2 Sport and Recreation?(operations) 09/97
  • N.V.Q. Level 2 Coaching Children/Adults 03/97
  • A1 Assessors Award 01/07
  • F.A Level 1 Coach Educator 11/03
  • F.A Junior Football Organisers Tutor 11/05
  • F.A OHSL Tutor 01/06
  • F.A Youth Coaches Course U/9-12/16 07/07
  • F.A Youth Award Module 1 04/09
  • F.A Youth Award Module 2 09/10
  • F.A Level 3 Psychology 11/10
  • F.A Learning through Football Level 2 Tutor 01/11
  • FA Mentor

Pete's Experience

  • Notts County Football Club Football in the Community Programme
  • Playsoccer Ltd New England USA 2001
  • Coca-Cola Football Sponsorship Coach
  • Mansfield Town Football Club Centre Of Excellence Coach 1998/2001
  • Highpavement Sixth Form College Football Development Centre Director
  • Chesterfield Football Club Centre Of Excellence Coach 2001/2002
  • Soccer Academy Inc Virginia USA 2002
  • Nottinghamshire F.A U/18 Head Coach
  • West Nottinghamshire College
  • South Nottingham College FPP Assistant Coach
  • F.A Mentor Leicestershire F.A 14/16
  • F.A Coach Educator 03/16
  • University of Nottingham Men's Football Club